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Guide to wedding day perfume

So where to begin? The first consideration is whether you will wear a scent you already have, or choose something new. There is something to be said for being the most you you can possibly be on your wedding day, and presumably if you love a perfume enough to wear it regularly, and your partner fell in love with you wearing it, it’ll certainly do the job. But – if you wear something new it will be uniquely tied to the special day for both you and your spouse, so that’s what we suggest. Pull it out on special occasions, date nights, or anytime you need a pick-me-up, and be transported back


Your next consideration is where and when are you being wed? If it’s a barefoot summer affair on the beach; white florals, marine notes, or something citrus will match the carefree and casual tone of the day. If it’s a winter or autumn wedding with a black-tie ballroom reception, choose something sophisticated with warm, spicy, or aldehyde-ey accords. (Aldehydes are the ingredient that made Chanel’s No.5 so revolutionary way back when)

Perfume families and types

A helpful question to ask yourself is what family of perfumes do you usually like; and investigate other scents that fall into that. No idea? Essentially perfumes fall into six ‘families’ or groups: floral, woody, oriental and fresh, and then there’s ‘fougère’ and ‘chypre’ which are more complex and entail a combination of elements from the first four.

Another approach is to look up the top, middle, and base notes of your favourites, and look out for them in descriptions when you’re shopping around. Words like: rose, gardenia, vetiver, bergamot, tonka bean, amber etc. The type of perfume denotes its strength, which will impact how intense it smells, and how long it lasts. Eau de Toilette is the common everyday strength most people would apply a couple of times a day. Eau de Parfum is stronger, and would last longer on one application

Complement, not compete

You also don’t want to choose something that will mix in unpleasant ways with other aromas from your environment. You should absolutely take into account if your bouquet is a riot of roses, or if you’re walking down an isle lined with lavender bushes. You want to complement, not compete with the shrubbery

Try before you buy

One thing that’s a must: no matter how much you are enjoying the natty little cards they give you, you must try it on your skin, and give it some time. Everybody has different chemistry and skin ph, so scents can smell remarkably different on different bodies. This is a good thing if you and your BFF are equally in love with one, but quite bad if, for example, you buy an enormous bottle online of what turns out to be very expensive pickle juice.

Another tip is to know your limit; it varies person to person but after about 8 they all end up smelling the same. Take a break, get some fresh air, have a coffee (coffee beans can reset) and then revisit.

Finally, if you are an advanced perfume connoisseur or simply cannot find what you want, consider customising or going bespoke. An easy way to do this is to layer two separate perfumes. To do this, you want to be either reasonably confident you know what you’re doing or stick to simpler, more straightforward scents from the same family, for example florals. Some brands lend themselves to doing this more than others, for example, Jo Malone has a huge library of simple, natural and familiar (yet still lovely and elegant) scents that can be combined quite easily with good results.

Cater for all dietary requirements at your wedding

The easiest way to find out if your guests have particular dietary requirements is to include a special box on your invitation. Using this box, your guest can indicate if they require some special attention when it comes to food, so they aren’t left hungry, disgruntled, and wanting to leave early to get something to eat.

Here’s how to cater for all dietary requirements at your wedding.


If you aren’t 100% sure someone on your guest list will be pregnant on your special day, you need not provide for pregnant women. However, if you KNOW beforehand that a few pregnant women will be in attendance, it’s a nice gesture to cater for their specific needs.

A good way to start is to let your caterer know that pregnant women will be attending. Pregnant women themselves should already know what to avoid, so the caterer’s job is to just provide clearly labelled options that they CAN eat, so they don’t go hungry and leave your reception early.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should offer non-alcoholic drinks to toast with, as pregnant women cannot drink alcohol while carrying. This means that they can still be involved in the wedding toast, but can avoid drinking or appearing to drink alcohol.


Vegetarians are easy to cater for. When it comes to catering, couples often choose a few different options for their guests – and this usually includes a vegetarian option. There are so many delicious vegetarian options on offer, so catering for your vegetarian friends is probably the simplest of dietary requirements you could deal with.


Guests with a vegan diet will usually know what they can and can’t eat at your wedding, but you should probably have something vegan on offer anyway so they don’t go hungry. If you’re having a seated soiree with alternate menu plate drops, ensure your caterer knows where your vegan friends are seated, and perhaps together you can organise a vegan meal especially for them. If you’re going with buffet catering, you can ask your caterers to include vegan options and display a label beside the food, showing your vegan friends that there’s something they can eat.

Religious choices

Some of your guests may have religious reasons behind their dietary requirements, so it’s worth discussing with your caterer what options are ‘safe’ for everyone. The last thing you want is to offend or upset one of your guests.

Gluten allergies

If you have guests who are allergic to gluten, you will have to flag this with your caterer. It isn’t enough to assume something has no gluten in it as sauces, hidden ingredients, and traces of gluten can set off people with gluten allergies. To ensure your guest doesn’t go hungry, make sure your caterer is fully aware of their requirements and where they’re seated at your reception.

Additionally, as most wedding cakes contain gluten, you may want to have fruit on offer as a side. Alternatively, you can choose to have multiple smaller cakes including a gluten free option (and a vegan option if you have vegan guests). This way, nobody misses out on dessert!

Wedding checklist


It seems very obvious, but you might have purchased and agonised over which beautiful lacy number to treat yourself to for your wedding day… only to forget it and leave it at home when you leave the day before the wedding day. To help you remember, perhaps store it in a bag on the hanger your dress is on, next to your shoes.


Too many groomsmen (and grooms) have forgotten to pack their nice socks and ended up with the wrong socks peeking out of their suit pants.


Try to write some vows prior to the night before, and then make sure you make a couple of copies of them, just in case. This is one speech you won’t want to forget.

Knife for the cake

This happens so often! You get to the time when the cake needs to be cut and three people run off in all directions to get a knife from the kitchen.

If you have some fancy wedding day toasting flutes that someone has gifted you or you ordered

Designated driver

Make sure you have a way back to your wedding night accommodation, whether that be an uber, your fancy wedding car, a taxi or a bus. Just make sure you have a safe way back!

To feed the vendors

And yourselves! A lot of people forget that their vendors are often there for 8 or 10 hrs and need to eat too! And all too often, brides and grooms forget to have a bite to eat themselves. Be sure to eat a good meal before the wedding and during- if you’re having a cocktail function, be sure to ask the caterer to make you and your partner a plate to take away at the end as well.


Have someone (that you trust) in charge of collecting all gifts/cards or taking the wishing well back to a location you decide upon.


Just in case it does rain- pack a pretty umbrella that you wouldn’t mind being in your wedding pictures. Maybe a clear one. If there’s a high chance of rain, it’s best to bring enough for the entire bridal party.

Kids activities

If you’re having a few kids present, it’s likely they will somewhat entertain themselves, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few things for them to do, like lawn games, a photo booth, activity booklets or even hiring a babysitter to look after them at the venue.


Don’t forget to take your insulin, Ventolin or anything else you may need. Adrenalin may cause you to forget these things that you may use day to day!

Pet sitter

Whether your beloved furry friend is attending the nuptials or not, make sure you have a way home for them or someone to look after them or feed them while you’re not home.

Kids weddings

The non-compliant bridal party members

It is cute when a young flower girl doesn’t quite remember her role and tips the whole basket of flowers into a pile before running off for mummy. That is a memory guests will have forever.

But what about the flower girl who got so bored standing up the front of the room alongside the bridesmaids in a church and started to kick the wooden step behind her? The outcome was that no one could hear what the celebrant was saying over the thumping echoing throughout the church. Good-bye emotional vow exchange!

Ceremony tears

You might expect to shed a tear of joy as emotion overtakes you while watching a friend or family member ties the knot. But when kids do it, it’s usually because they are tired, bored, or hungry (or all of the above).

And it’s loud. Impossibly loud.

There have been ceremonies where a child has thrown a gigantic tantrum and cannot be consoled, or an infant who won’t stop crying. Both are atmosphere-killers.

Not the cake!

Placing children in a room with a beautifully decorated tiered cake is like putting a brand new toy in view and then telling them not to play with it. The pull is literally magnetic.

Cake tables have been toppled, icing licked and fists put through wedding cakes. Try getting the guests to eat a piece after any of that happens…

Having their own party

In an environment not conducive to children’s entertainment, younger guests will create their own fun.

Game of tag anyone? There have been weddings where little guests have run rampant throughout the room, knocking into guests, spilling drinks on tables as they whiz past and yes, they used the cake table as their base….

Hen’s party revisited

If you had a stripper in the guise of a fireman come along to your hen’s do, you might get a visit from the real thing on your wedding day.

Children have been known to investigate their surrounds and test out what things do. Light switches – not too bad. Fire alarm- Yikes! This was an ear-splitting 15 minutes of alarm action for the guests of this particular wedding as the firies worked to shut the alarm off.

Fountain fun

You can have the punch or chocolate fountain OR the children. Do not EVER think you can have both in the same room at the same time.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

Sticky stains

Children are very tactile and stick their hands into anything and everything. When the bride is wearing a beautiful, and most likely expensive, wedding gown in shades on the lighter side of the colour spectrum, the dress could end up with a few additional colour swatches by the end of the evening.


How to boost your wedding savings

Clothes shopping

Ouch! Did you say no more trips to the mall?! Sometimes steering clear of it altogether is easier than trying to battle the temptation to get that £10 blouse that is on sale when you go “window shopping.”

If your work pants are tired out to the point of no return and you don’t have any back-up pairs to dust off from the back of your closet, by all means get a new pair. But don’t spend another $80 on your fifth pair of work pants just because they are on sale.

Be strong, we know you can do it!

Ditch your old stuff on Facebook or eBay

While dusting off that pair of work pants that had retreated to the nether regions of your closet, you may have also noticed some other garments that haven’t seen the light of day for a few years.

When you are saving up for a wedding, it is the perfect time to seek a new home for these clothes… and some extra cash for your coffers.

Give them a good wash and present them nicely, take a snap, and get those babies up online. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you might be able to get from selling stuff you clearly don’t need anymore.

While you’re at it, go through the cupboards, garage, and other places where you keep your ‘stuff’ and see what else can go. There are Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling almost anything, so list in multiple places, as well as eBay, to maximise your chances to get a sale.


Choosing now as the right time can have more benefits than saving you a wad of cash each week. You can also start to live a healthier lifestyle and give your body time to begin healing so you are your best version of yourself by the time your wedding day arrives.

Quitting can be hard, so if you can’t stomach the thought of going cold turkey, talk to your GP or pharmacist about other ways you can transition into a smoke-free future.

Social events

Heading off to social events can be a costly exercise – especially when they are boozy ones!

Don’t turn down birthday invitations or other special occasions, but try to limit the amount you spend on going out ‘just because,’ or if you worry you will fall into a constant state of FOMO, simply try not to spend all night at the bar and get up and shake your groove thing to the band instead – that’s free entertainment and a workout all in one!

Takeaway food

We all love a Friday night no-stress takeaway dinner after an exhausting week at work. But when you think takeaway pizza for two from a chain franchise can cost £15 (with a drink and garlic bread, of course) and you can buy two reasonably-priced frozen varieties from the supermarket for about £5, you can see how quickly you can save some dough by being a little more prepared.

Of course, you will ultimately save even more dough if you make your own at home!

Brand names in the supermarket

Did you know that some Homebrand items are made in the exact same factories that manufacture the brightly-coloured brand names you have grown up with.

This means, the ingredients are the same, but they can cost half the price! Planning what you will cook for dinner each night in advance can save you buying things you won’t need and ultimately throw out and sticking to a list means no impulse buys. Give it a try, you might be surprised at how much you can save each week.

Bottled water

We live in the UK. We have access to clean, fresh water that is 100% safe to drink. Do not buy bottled water!

Invest in a reusable bottle and fill it up at home, in the workplace, or at a public drinking fountain if you are out and about.

It may only seem like a few dollars a pop, but if you are buying a new bottle every day, these small savings quickly add up.


Exchange on your wedding day

Often tradition that the marrying couple exchange gifts on their wedding day. While some couples buck this tradition citing “My presence is his present”, other couples want to give that extra something special on their wedding day to let their partner know they’re thinking about them. So what should you gift each other on your wedding day?

When should you exchange gifts?

A great way to exchange gifts is to arrange a bridesmaid or groomsman to pass the gift on to open while everyone gets ready. This is assuming you’re getting ready in separate places, as most couples do.

If you’re having a ‘first look’ perhaps you can exchange your gifts during those few moments alone before your ceremony.

Some couples wait until after their wedding to give their gifts, as it can be incredibly romantic to exchange them when you’re finally alone as a married couple.

And, if like some couples you’re planning on giving something during your honeymoon, you might want to make sure your partner knows you haven’t forgotten about them!

Types of gifts


If your style is more sentimental than materialistic (and if you are materialistic, that’s okay too!) you can exchange incredibly thoughtful and timeless gifts on your wedding day. For instance, you might frame an old or significant photograph of the pair of you, or gift something that might mean a lot to you and your family – such as a grandparent’s wedding ring or cherished item.

Jewellery or accessories to wear on the day

More commonly, marrying couples will exchange gifts of jewellery or accessories to wear on the day. This might mean a bracelet or a pair of earrings for brides, and cufflinks or a watch for grooms. While gifts of jewellery and accessories are typically worn on the actual wedding day, the beauty of them is that you now have a piece of jewellery that has incredible sentimental value, as it was given to you and worn for the first time on your wedding day.


If exchanging actual gifts is not your thing, or perhaps you’re on a strict budget, it can be incredibly romantic to exchange love letters or poems on your wedding day. This idea is also great for wedding photos, as photographers often capture the raw emotion of when a bride/groom opens and reads their love letter. These letters or poems can be kept for a lifetime after the wedding, and can even be displayed on your wall for years to come!


Wedding send off ideas for awesome photographs


An evening celebration with sparklers

Whether the night is young, or you are saying farewell after an evening of partying with your friends and family, sparklers are one of the best night time props that photographers (and your guests) can play with.


Whether it is rice, paper, glitter, or a mix of them all, confetti looks so stunning in photography when a couple is walking through a waterfall of it.

Ribbon wands

Ribbon wand

You can’t help but twirl a ribbon wand when it is placed in your hand, so guests will be naturals at this one – and you won’t have any of the mess to clean up! You can use colours that match your bridal party, or go every colour of the rainbow for a truly vibrant photo opportunity.


Guests of all ages will be enchanted by bubbles, and let’s face it, everyone loves a chance to get stuck in and blow some on the newlyweds! Because bubbles create beautiful colours when they catch the light just right, they come up stellar in your wedding photos.

Flower petals

A little gentler than confetti, but no less vibrant, real or satin flower petals will give you a much more natural look with all of the fun of allowing your guests to scatter them over you.


You’ll have to check if there are any restrictions on releasing balloons through your local council, but if you are in the clear, balloons can really make your send-off photos look stunning.

Party poppers

Party poppers are not just fun for birthday parties!

There is something about the anticipation of pulling the cord of one of these babies and the satisfaction of being able to make a huge, colourful mess! Not just for birthday parties, poppers also create beautiful splashes of colour in your wedding photos.

Paper planes

Have a bit of fun with paper planes

Just about everyone made a paper plane as a kid and although it takes a knack to get it to fly just right, your guests will have a lot of fun trying! This couple equipped their guests with vibrant orange planes to match their theme colour.

Inflatable beach balls

Playful is the name of the game when using beach balls

It’s not a day at the beach without a beach ball. Whether they are solid colours or the rainbow variety, everyone will have fun tossing these into the air and your wedding photographer will have a field day capturing it.


You can’t help but smile when you hear a bell tinkling away

Perhaps not as visually strong, bells are a cute idea for ringing in the start of your life together. They will also be great fodder for your videographer to capture!

Tips for writing your wedding

Take some time to think

It’s a rare gift for someone to be able to sit down and pour their heart out and nail the perfect letter on the first attempt, so don’t set that as an expectation for yourself. Giving yourself time to reflect on your relationship can really help to give you clarity on what it is about your fiancé that made you fall in love with them, what their best qualities are, and how you have made the perfect team.

Write down notes

When you think of the perfect memory, or the buzzword that has been eluding you springs into your mind, write it down. Keep all of these thoughts in a notebook or a safe place squirrelled away on your phone, so you can whip them out easily when the time comes to start constructing your letter.

Make it personal

Throw generic out the window! Use the memories you have created together, the quirky things your partner does, and the shared experiences you have to really tailor this letter to them. This is the ideal forum for inside jokes and pet names!

Go digital first

Whether you decide to present your love letter in a card, on traditional paper, or in a special notebook, you want to make sure you don’t have to reach for the White Out if you make a boo-boo. Write your drafts on the computer and then, when you have it just the way you want it, you can transcribe it.

Take your time when writing it

When you get to the point where you begin to hand-write your letter, make sure you have lots of time so your writing is legible. Your fiancé will be able to tell if you have rushed to jot something down at the last-minute!

Don’t make it too long

There will be so many emotions to process, but not all of them have to make it into your letter. Not only that, but you will be reading this on your wedding day and chances are, you won’t have time to read through pages and pages, no matter how sweetly written they are. Just because it is a letter doesn’t mean it has to fill an entire (let along multiple) A4 page. A succinct small card can be just as powerful.

Stay true to yourself

If you aren’t known to fall on bended knee and recite turn of the century poetry, don’t feel like you have to in your love letter. Be genuine and use the tone that you would normally speak to each other in, but feel free to turn up the romance dial ever so slightly! This is the best way to prompt your fiancé to ‘hear’ your voice when they read your letter.



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Pull of a surprise wedding

When you look at all of the planning that goes into a wedding, you could actually save a lot of time and money by combining it with another event, like an engagement party, anniversary or even a milestone birthday party.

Rebecca and Leigh decided to get married at their engagement party to save the stress of also planning a wedding.

The couple only told a select few people of their plans, so the majority of their 130 guests had no idea what was in store.

“Leading up, everyone had their suspicions and occasionally people would ask or imply we were going to get married. Deny, deny, deny!” Rebecca says.

“There were a few wardrobe changes to pull off the surprise but it all went off without a hitch.”

Here are some tips to help you pull off a surprise wedding that will delight your guests.

Create a Cover Event

To ensure a great turnout, you’ll need to dream up a creative decoy. If your family is already getting together for a planned holiday, you could seize the moment to plan something on location or if you have a 30th or another milestone birthday, you could plan the wedding a week before or after and claim it is to celebrate this occasion.

The most common, however, is to use the engagement party as a ruse and get hitched then.



Plan the big reveal

You might want to declare from the moment they arrive that they are in fact attending your wedding and start off with a bang.

Or you may wish to let the excitement build up and slip away to get changed and announce the ceremony when you and your partner are both ready to begin.

In venues that have multiple rooms, you could set up one room as you would an ordinary function and the other as your dream wedding setting and when the time is right, usher your surprised guests from one room to the other.

Being prompt

If you decide to start the event with the wedding ceremony, make sure you highlight the importance of guests arriving on time.

The word prompt is a good one to use.

Also be clear on your invitations if there is a dress code you’d like people to adhere to. If you are going for a casual affair at the beach, shorts and thongs could be okay, but if you are looking for a classier affair, explain that you would like your “30th” to be a semi-formal event.

Recruit coordinators

It could be your bestie or someone else that you have let in on the secret, but you will need a small team on the ground to do small tasks like pause the music, hold the drinks at the bar and cue the wedding ceremony.

As far as making the announcement, you can either have your celebrant do it, or create a huge surprise to your guests by announcing it yourselves when you and your partner walk out for the first time.

Be prepared to forgo some formalities

If you are a traditionalist, a surprise wedding is probably not for you. While you can still have your first dance and the cake, you will probably be hard-pressed to get people to do an on-the-spot speech.

Also, you could try including something delicious and reminiscent of traditional wedding food by having something like mini desserts and champagne cocktails, or a light buffet that guests can visit throughout the

Planning a wedding, no matter the size or style, is a super exciting time and there may be occasions where you are bursting to tell your mum or cousin what you are doing. You will miss out on the payoff of seeing their surprise and excitement when you make the announcement, and this is what a sneaky wedding is all about.