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Wedding dress regret

what is wedding dress regret?

Symptoms of wedding dress regret include but are not limited to; heart palpitations and feelings of disappointment, refusing to discuss the topic, constantly finding yourself in the same room as the dress but always refusing to try it on, and frantically Googling wedding dress regret symptoms. You’re not alone — wedding dress regret is common among brides. Here’s how to avoid it.

Lower your expectations

Too often brides have their head in the clouds when it comes to wedding dresses. Obviously, we all want a glittering disco ball of a dress, that shoots fireworks at the groom and releases a puff of Chanel perfume automatically on an hourly timer — but does this dress even exist? For pyromaniacs, maybe. But in regular wedding gown boutiques, probably not. Don’t be disappointed if the dresses you try on are just that — a dress.

Be open to other design options

You’ve been dreaming of a princess dress since childhood, but when it’s on your body in the boutique dressing room it just doesn’t… work. This is okay. It’s healthy to admit defeat and try again. Maybe the dress you choose has long sleeves, a fishtail bottom, or a wide lilac velvet sash you’d usually loathe, but for whatever reason, loved. Sometimes things don’t go the way you originally thought, but that doesn’t mean it’s a failure.

Stick to your budget

If you have a specific budget in mind — stick to it! Don’t try on dresses outside your budget. If you find yourself with a receipt for a dress three times the price you originally budgeted for, don’t be surprised if you end up with wedding dress regret.

Remember what’s most important

While your dress is important, it’s not the most important aspect of the day. Without the love you and your partner hold, there would be no wedding and no need for a wedding dress in the first place. Once you realise your love takes precedence over your dress — congrats! You’re immune from wedding dress regret.

The wedding of your dreams

Pay for it yourselves

Believe it or not, it is possible to pay for your wedding entirely by yourselves. Starting with the Easy Weddings budget calculator, you can gauge how much you plan to spend per wedding category and make estimates on how much you’ll have to save.

Once you’ve got your numbers estimated and your budget created, you can set up a timeline of when certain vendor payments are due according to their contracts, and plan around that. From here you can forgo a few luxuries in your life (such as smashed avocado and fresh fruit juices), and save your pennies to go toward creating your dream wedding!

Budget budget budget

Your wedding budget is crucial if you’re struggling to scrape together funds for your wedding. It’ll help you decide what you are prepared to pay more money for, and what you’d rather forgo, leave out, or choose the cheaper alternative. Remember: weddings are flexible, and you don’t HAVE to include all traditional elements if you don’t want to.

For instance, some brides may pay more for their dream dress, but save money on their catering or wedding entertainment as they perhaps don’t deem it as important. Managing your budget as per category is a great way to stick to your estimated budget, and manage your savings.

Ask for help from relatives

It is not uncommon for couples to ask their relatives to assist in financing their wedding. Don’t feel embarrassed or guilty about this – this financial help is a prominent tradition in some cultures. And, if they’re willing to help, why not allow them?

Court house wedding

A great way to save money overall is to have a court house wedding. These wedding ceremonies are relatively inexpensive compared to other ceremony locations, and having your wedding here will allow more budget for other areas of your wedding (if that’s what you wish).

However, if the legal act of getting married is more important to you than hosting a wedding, you could perhaps have the court house ceremony and completely forgo the reception – which leads me to my final point…

Wait until you financially stable enough to have a wedding

A great way to fund your dream wedding is to wait until you’re actually financially stable enough to host the wedding of your dreams. Unfortunately, some couples in financial strife still go ahead with their wedding plans, and perhaps are left disappointed with the final result as they had to exclude certain things they’d always imagined would be in their perfect wedding.

There’s no rush! You could always get married at a low key court house wedding or even elope, and wait until you can afford to put on your dream wedding – frills and all!

Wedding dessert trends

The explosion of the dessert table. We have even encountered the odd donut wall and that’s not to mention countless candy stations. With imaginative ideas for dessert options becoming part of the norm, how do you create a truly unique sweet option at your wedding? We have been investigating the newest wedding trends for all things dessert. Check out the best of what’s new in wedding dessert trends.

Dainty treats

After a more is more approach to desserts we will see a return to simpler sweet things. Truffles, patisserie and all things dainty will take center stage. Expect lots of miniature versions of classic pastries and elegant bites to be nibbled at rather than gorged. Serve at a vintage or glamorous wedding with a side of champagne.

Geode cakes

If you haven’t seen these stunning wedding cakes yet, you need to. Imagine the earth splitting open to reveal precious crystals and gems. Then wrap this picture in an elegant cake. It sounds insane but the results are truly stunning. Ensure your cake is a scene stealer by being one of the first to this new trend and reflect crystals in your wider wedding theme.

Glitter donuts

Take your donut station up several levels by including glitter covered donuts at your wedding. These do exactly what they say on the tin, covering an average donut with lots of edible glitter. If you feel like your wedding needs to dial up the bling, this could be the answer. These are lots of fun and add an extra edge to your dessert table.

via pinkthetown

Succulent cakes

Cupcakes are such a wedding staple now that it’s hard to think how they could evolve further. Step in the succulent cake. This mind twisting cake looks just like a cactus or a succulent but is, in fact, a delicious cake. If that’s not enough to blow your mind, you can even find them complete with edible soil. Succulents have become a popular centrepiece and this is the perfect way to add an extra layer to this trend. Find some beautiful examples on Pinterest.

Stained glass cakes

If the geode cake is a little too much then why not consider a stunning stained glass cake? These utterly gorgeous cakes use complex icing techniques to mimic the beauty of a stained-glass window. You can find a huge range of designs or even commission a special design that reflects your relationship. This is the opposite of the popular naked cake and takes design detailing up to the next level.

Pie pops

There have been cake pops at weddings for a little while but now a new US rival is looking to sneak into the wedding scene. Pie pops scale down a classic dessert pie, adding the fun twist of a stick to this old-fashioned dessert. Serve as a fun alternative to a sit-down dessert or use as a wedding favour that doubles as a yummy snack.

The ins and outs of wedding veils

This classic headwear isn’t always part of their vision. It can feel formal and old fashioned – but it doesn’t have to be. If you are considering a veil there are lots of ways to go. To veil or not veil, that is the question. Let’s have a look over some veil considerations to help with your decision for your wedding day.

The history of veils

First, why are we even wearing veils at all? Where does this tradition come from and why are we still doing it? The veil actually dates way back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, where a bride would wear a veil to protect herself from those pesky evil spirits that occasionally chose to hang around the ancient wedding ceremony. In medieval times, it was viewed as a symbol of chastity, modesty and reverence and could be used (more worryingly) to disguise the bride’s face from a groom in an arranged marriage. The smart thinking behind this idea was that a groom couldn’t run off pre-ceremony if he didn’t like what he saw!

None of these ideas sit particularly with our modern concepts of marriage, but today the veil has simply become part of the wider tradition of a wedding day. A way to complement bridal attire and to sometimes preserve the superstition of the couple not seeing each other before the ceremony.

How to wear a veil

If you have decided that you are a veil kind of girl there are a whole range of ways to incorporate this into your wedding look. Here are just a handful of veil options for your day:

Cathedral veil

If you’re looking for a dramatic veil option this look could well be for you. The cathedral veil is longer than your dress, sweeping the floor behind you as you make your entrance. This veil is usually intricately decorated and can exceed 12 feet in length. This is a look you may want to switch up for the reception as it can be impractical to move around in outside of the ceremony.

Blusher veil

Short, sweet and with great vintage sensibilities, a blusher veil can still feel like a very modern take on the wedding look. Covering the face, it also adds real occasion to the ceremony and lets him have the lovely moment of raising back the veil off your face.

Shoulder length veil

This one does pretty much what it says on the tin, a shoulder length veil brushes or sits just above the shoulders. It feels a little lighter and more fun than longer, heavier designs and was a popular veil in the 1950’s and 60’s. This veil flows well with a tea length dress.

Veil alternatives

Still not sold on a veil? That’s fine too. Lots of brides are looking for different way to adorn their hair on the wedding day or simply going for a natural look. Flowers can be a lovely way to add a little hair drama whilst keeping things fresh and natural. Other looks can include tiaras, netted hats, feathers or hair chains. Look for a hair accessory that steals your heart and one that sits well with your overall look.

Wedding gift ideas

Personalised cushion

You can personalise anything these days. Personalised glassware is common for bridal parties, a personalised hipflask may have been a gift for the groom from his bucks and the bride may have prepared for her big day in a personalised robe.

But what about a personalised cushion for the newlyweds? You can get styles that include their silhouettes, a photo from the wedding day, or even a cute message with their wedding date embroidered or printed onto it. It will be a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

A piece of art

If there is a bare wall in the couple’s home that has been driving you crazy, seek out a piece of art that reflects the style of their home and the personalities of the couple. It will become a talking point for their many guests.

If they are yet to move in together, a piece of art will provide something special for a new home.


There is something truly captivating about dancing flames and whether the couple are outdoor entertainers or prefer to stay cozy inside with guests, you can give them the gift of fire!

An outdoor fire pit is a centerpiece for people to gather around, toast marshmallows, and share laughs over drinks, while an indoor tabletop variety (which burns ethanol fuel so there’s no smoke or sparks) will create a beautiful ambience in any room.

Make-up bell

It is an Irish tradition to have a silver bell on hand in the home so that in the future, whenever an argument arises, they can ring the bell to call an end to the fight.

Wall art for corks

For the wine connoisseurs who may plan to drink their way through their honeymoon, (responsibly, of course…), there are gorgeous pieces of wall art that you can buy which have grooves in them specially for wine corks.

Once all the spaces are filled, the piece is complete and the couple will have a unique wall hanging that is filled with special memories to keep forever.

A meal for two

We’re not talking about a dinner voucher – but rather a specially made basket or box filled with everything the couple needs to make a dinner or dessert to enjoy together.

If you go with dinner, you could include a packet of pasta, a jar of pasta sauce, a colander, a gift card for bread, tealight candles and a bottle of wine.

A dessert box could include a cake or brownie mix, spatula, mixing bowl, measuring spoons and cups and a funky pair of oven mitts. If the budget allows, you could also throw in a bottle of sweet wine or port as well.

Framed wedding invitation

Some of the best gifts are the most thoughtful. The couple would have spent a lot of time designing their wedding invitations. They are the first thing guests receive and the first thing that is forgotten about once the RSVP has been sent.

So why not help the couple to remember the excitement they were filled with when mailing them out? You can have one framed in a shadow box and add embellishments.

Honeymoon stuff

No, we’re not talking 50 Shades of Grey equipment – that’s in hen’s and buck’s night territory. If you can find out where the couple are planning to honeymoon, you can give them some gear they can take with them.

Think embroidered towels for beach getaways, a travel first aid kit for an adventurous holiday, map, or language books if they are venturing to a foreign country, or a prepaid petrol card if they are road tripping around Europe.

Matching bag tags

If the couple already has everything they need for their perfect honeymoon, chances are they haven’t yet thought about bag tags for their luggage. Get them a pair of matching leather bag tags.

There are companies that can personalise them with images or simply their name and contact number so any lost luggage (heaven forbid) can be easily reunited with them.


Whether the couple like to read a variety of magazines, or simply Netflix and chill, subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving and will last as long as 12 months if you want them to.

Proposals at other people’s weddings

We’ve done really well for ourselves and finally reached a point where we could afford a huge blowout wedding to celebrate our lives with everyone we know and love.

My husband’s best friend, “John,” was the best man/officiant. The setting was beautiful, everyone seemed happy, our families were overjoyed. My mom may have used the phrase hallelujah a few dozen times.

The entire atmosphere felt moving. So moving in fact that John stopped mid-ceremony to propose to his longtime girlfriend, “Jane,” and reveal her pregnancy.

I couldn’t even hear the vows my husband wrote or the rest of the ceremony over the noise of Jane’s happy sobs, her very surprised family who were also guests, and people seated nearby congratulating her.

Even the videographer cut to her frequently during the ceremony, and you can’t hear anything over the chatter. When John gave his toast, he apologized for being caught up in the moment and then proceeded to talk about his and Jane’s future with nary a mention of us.

During the reception, John and Jane became the primary focus of our guests. John even went out of his way to ask the band for a special dance for just him and Jane on the dance floor.

I’ve never been an attention hog, and I wouldn’t even have minded if he’d proposed after the ceremony, but weeks later I am still seething. I am so shocked and angry that I keep asking myself if this is real life.

The online backlash

This is seriously not a situation you would come across at your average wedding, so everyone is weighing in their two cents on the situation… with sometimes hilarious comments.

Some of the best comments against John’s actions include…

I see your petty retaliation and raise you, by stealing the secret name, (that you wrote over and over in your diary), you wanted to give your first child and bestow the name to my dog.”

I would broke that shit up like Kanye did Taylor!! And No I ain’t gonna let you finish. Security would’ve been escorting them out. That’s beyond rude & tacky.”

While he did actually have some supporters…

“Seriously? People are really that shallow that someone getting engaged at their wedding is seen as some sort of insult? Wouldn’t you be happy for them?”

To each their own, I’m not that petty or stingy for shine, that it would bother me. If one of my girls got engaged, that’s even more of a reason to celebrate.”

So we’ve gone through a fair few chat forums and social media pages dedicated to this dear John to see what the acceptable etiquette is. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority decided it was a BIG no-no.

But, for the purposes of balance, we will present arguments for both sides.


  • Weddings are romantic occasions. Guests doing romantic things makes perfect sense.
  • It’s okay if you check with the bride and groom beforehand. But even if you have the seal of approval, you should never propose during someone else’s ceremony as this guy did.


  • You can propose to your partner at literally any other time that is not this time, which is meant to celebrate two people who are not you.
  • Do it somewhere else! There are 365 days in a year, 364 of which will not be the wedding you’re attending, so you have scads of choices when it comes to time, place, atmosphere, etc., to propose.
  • If you’re gonna marry this person and spend the entire life with that person, you should make her feel special. What’s the point of proposing at other’s wedding and ruining their day by making a fuss about yourself and your counterpart even if she says yes?
  • It cheapens your own moment to piggyback off someone else’s.
  • It’s generally agreed upon that weddings are a day when you shouldn’t upstage the happy couple in any way. I think that’s a good rule to keep.
  • So you just proposed to your girlfriend and she accepted…and then you’re just at a wedding for the rest of the evening. There isn’t a lot of chance for intimacy or connection at that point, and no matter how much focus you steal the evening is primarily going to be about someone else.
  • Wouldn’t it be better, more considerate, more romantic even to wait just a very few hours and take your girlfriend out for coffee after the reception, and say to her, “What a great wedding that was! Why don’t we have one?”So people, no matter how badly you get swept away in the emotion of someone else’s wedding, this is the one time you need to bottle it up and pop the cork on that bad boy until later on when you have a private moment with your significant other.

Budget to Plan your wedding

The Easy Weddings To Do List shows you step by step everything you have to do from the moment you begin planning til your actual wedding day and beyond.

For instance, the To Do List will prompt you to book and confirm vendors, pick up wedding attire, and arrange your wedding party speeches and formalities depending on where you’re at with your wedding planning.

The To Do List begins at 12 to 18 months before the wedding, and ends after the wedding, ensuring all vendors are paid in full, all formal wear is returned, and you’re well on your way to sending out thank you cards to guests and jetting off on your honeymoon.(Check out our fantastic honeymoon packages here!)

The great thing about the To Do List is you can customise it to fit your wedding. Not having a videographer? No worries – just delete the prompt from your list.

Budget Calculator

The Easy Weddings Budget Calculator will become your best friend during wedding planning. Easy Weddings has based the calculator’s functionality on years of data in the wedding industry, so you can use this tool whether you’re budgeting for £10,000 or £100,000!

The calculator itself allows you to factor in your estimated budget and gives suggested amounts in dollar value for each vendor category.

For instance, if I were to have a £15,000 wedding, the ‘EW Suggested Budget’ column might suggest me budgeting £1,000 for my wedding dress, and £150 for my veil and hair piece – and so on. Of course, you don’t have to play by these rules. Each couple is different and will hold different categories as higher importance and therefore monetary value.

The great thing about the Budget Calculator is that it allows you to customise your wedding to suit your budget. You can choose which category you’d be willing to spend more in (for instance, wedding photography) and which categories you’d be willing to forgo or perhaps choose the cheaper option for.

While nothing’s forcing you to stick to your budget – and trust me, you’ll stray at times! – the Easy Weddings Budget Calculator is a good place to start.

Guest List

The wedding guest list is what causes a lot of stress among couples when it comes to planning their wedding. The Easy Weddings Guest List tool provides an incredibly simple way to manage who you’re inviting.

The guests are broken up into eight categories: adults, children, bride’s family, groom’s family, primary guests, friends, special meals, and co-workers.

As you add your guests to the list, you can modify their listing if they require a special meal, or if they are a child. This way, you’ll know how many children’s meals you need to accommodate, and how many special meals you have to provide. At any time, you can ‘bin’ a guest, and they will be removed from your guest list.

The Easy Weddings Guest List tool is a great way to manage who’s invited and their special needs and requests in one place, without having paper upon paper strewn across your living room floor.

For further help, check out this new wedding guest list trend: The A list and B list. Like celebrities, you can sort your guests into priority lists. When someone from your A list RSVPs no, you can simply move someone from your B list to replace them.

Seating Planner

Once you’ve finalised your guest list using the Easy Weddings Guest List tool, you can use the Seating Planner tool to arrange where your guests sit at your reception and ceremony. This tool is particularly useful when choosing who to sit next to who, based perhaps on how they get along or similar interests.

Using the Seating Planner, you’ll be able to visualise where everyone sits on the day, including the bridal party and your respective families. Creating a seating plan adds order to an otherwise potentially chaotic situation where guests try to snag a seat among people they’d prefer to sit next to. Without a seating plan, you run the risk of having spare seats where people choose to leave a gap, not having enough space to fit everyone, and creating a ‘clique’ environment instead of the happy celebration weddings SHOULD be.


Easy Weddings has thousands of wedding vendors listed on the directory. This enables couples to discover not only vendors in their area, but pick and choose particular vendors that suit their wedding theme, what they envision for their day, and their budget.

For instance, for a couple based in London seeking wedding transport, they can select the category (cars), their area (London), and browse through the many wedding transport providers based in their area. Easy!


Easy Weddings Reviews is working to provide the largest and most trusted wedding review system in the UK. The feedback is collected from couples just like you to help simplify the wedding planning process!

Every wedding vendor listed with Easy Weddings has a section on their storefront dedicated to their customer reviews. It’s imperative you carefully read these reviews, as they’ll give you some indication of what to expect from the vendor. And, if there’s anything to be concerned about, you’ll be able to identify it in the vendor’s reviews!

Survive a summer wedding

You might not run the same risk of rain that a winter wedding would, but that doesn’t mean the weather will be pleasant all round. Since you DO live in the UK, this might never be an issue. However, if you are hosting your wedding in a country that actually gets sun in the summer, here’s what you need to survive a (hot) summer wedding.

“I swear I looked better this morning.”


I don’t know about you, but when I’ve had the “pleasure” of sitting outside on a 35℃ day, my upper lip sweats LIKE CRAZY. Mix the heat with your nerves, and not only will you have a sweaty upper lip, but also your temples, underarms, and the back of your neck. Wipe that sh*t up!

Extra makeup

With all that sweating, you might actually sweat your face makeup off. Bring extra makeup in an emergency kit to touch up if need to.


There’s a high chance of dehydration on your wedding day. Why? Because you’ll probably have been drinking champagne since 6am, barely eaten anything, and the heat is drying you up like a pickle left out in the sun. Drink up, folks!


Please supply your guests with paper fans to cool themselves down. You might be so immersed in your ceremony not to care about the heat, but I assure you – your family and friends care! Some guests might even decide to boycott your wedding entirely if it’s outside on a day that’s simply too hot, and if you have made no attempt to accommodate or protect them from the elements. I can’t imagine my 82-year-old grandmother sat out in the sun for an hour – can you?

See, this girl’s got the right idea

Air conditioner

Ensure your venues and wedding transport have air conditioner before you book your summer wedding with them. A hot indoor venue is enough to send people home early, and nobody wants to open the windows of their Rolls Royce on the way to the ceremony – HELLO windswept hair?! Not cute.


If you do decide on an outdoor ceremony venue in the height of summer, make sure you choose an area beneath trees or with ample shade. Do your family and friends a justice and protect them from severe sun burn or heat stroke. They’ll thank you for it and won’t always remember your wedding as “the one that gave Uncle James third degree burns”.

A wedding videographer

For wedding videography

Videography captured what the photographer didn’t

One fellow bride weighed in on the discussion, admitting that she actually didn’t love her wedding photography as much as she previously assumed she would. However, she feels her videographer captured everything, including their happiness and joy on the day, that perhaps didn’t translate in still photography. The bride, suprisebride, says “It was easily the best money we spent.”

It’s worth every penny

Another bride under the handle ‘catskillsinjune’ described her absolute adoration for her wedding video. She believes the videocaptured so much life and energy of her day, and she’d watched their highlights video every day for the past month. “My sister still watches hers whenever she needs a pick me up 2 and a half years after her wedding!”

User ‘bluecutie00 shared that although she was originally on the fence about videography, she’s now booked her wedding videographer. To sway her decision, she created a poll. She says, “One of the poll responders mentioned how her wedding videocaptured the laughs, sounds, and smiles of people in her life that had since passed, and that was her last memory of them. That completely sealed the deal for me.”

Against wedding videography

We’ll never watch it

A user named ‘minimeow’ says she and her partner didn’t get one, and there weren’t any regrets about it. They themselves knew they wouldn’t watch the video enough for it to be worth the price, and therefore saw no point in budgeting for it. She admits that they have yet to do anything with their wedding photography also, so perhaps it just depends on whether photography or film of your day is something you put a large emphasis on for your wedding day.

I’m more of a photo person

User ‘raspberrybidet’ says she rarely watches videos of past life events, and her partner felt the same. “I’m much more of a photoperson than a video person,” she says. “I decided to spend more on an awesome photographer and forego hiring and videographer.”

We here at Easy Weddings believe there’s place for both wedding photography AND videography. While photography stills are great to hang on your wall for years to come, videography allows couples to travel back in time, so to say, to relive their wedding. The happiness, the excitement, the nervousness, the tears, the love – everything is captured on film. Sometimes that kind of emotion just doesn’t translate through still photography.

I’ll admit I’ve cried like a baby watching wedding videography of a couple I didn’t even know.

However, it really does depend on their couple and their wedding budget. Nobody HAS to have a videographer capture their wedding – it really is down to personal preference.

Transport wedding guests from ceremony to Reception

Car pool

If you leave it up to them, your guests will drive themselves from the wedding ceremony to the reception. If you allow them to take this option, you have to be ready for certain guests abstaining from consuming alcohol, as they have volunteered to get everyone home safely afterwards. This may impact the general party buzz at your wedding, if most guests are refraining from really letting loose and having a great time.

Additionally, if your guests are driving themselves to your ceremony AND reception, there might be a bit of fumbling around with car parking. For instance, your guests with cars will have to find and (possibly) pay to park their car, and this might see guests arrive late (because they’ve been searching for parking) and leave early to avoid receiving a parking fine.

And finally, if your guests have children that have been left at home with a babysitter, you have to be prepared for certain guests leaving your reception early in order to drive the hour home and take over from the babysitter at a respectable time. This ‘respectable time’ may be a lot earlier than you originally hoped they’d stay until

Party bus

Hiring a party bus is a great way to get your guests to your guests from your ceremony to your reception in a timely and organised fashion. This is especially good for those party people willing to let a little loose on your big day, and being in an enclosed environment for the travel duration will allow your guests to mingle and get your party started – even if you’re not with them!

Even those who are not drinking can benefit from a party bus or group transfer, as they can leave their car in one parking spot for the entire day/night (if the parking limitations allow it), and not worry about finding parking at the reception. Then, at the end of the night, the party bus can return your guests to an agreed upon location, which will also make taxi transfers home cheaper than they’d be from the winery region!

Arrange taxis

This option probably works best for end-of-the-night transfers home. Instead of allowing your guests to order and wait for taxis after your wedding, arrange a fleet of taxis to arrive at your reception venue as your wedding comes to an end. You don’t necessarily have to pay for their travel home – just give them an easy transport option right in front of them