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Wedding dress regret

what is wedding dress regret?

Symptoms of wedding dress regret include but are not limited to; heart palpitations and feelings of disappointment, refusing to discuss the topic, constantly finding yourself in the same room as the dress but always refusing to try it on, and frantically Googling wedding dress regret symptoms. You’re not alone — wedding dress regret is common among brides. Here’s how to avoid it.

Lower your expectations

Too often brides have their head in the clouds when it comes to wedding dresses. Obviously, we all want a glittering disco ball of a dress, that shoots fireworks at the groom and releases a puff of Chanel perfume automatically on an hourly timer — but does this dress even exist? For pyromaniacs, maybe. But in regular wedding gown boutiques, probably not. Don’t be disappointed if the dresses you try on are just that — a dress.

Be open to other design options

You’ve been dreaming of a princess dress since childhood, but when it’s on your body in the boutique dressing room it just doesn’t… work. This is okay. It’s healthy to admit defeat and try again. Maybe the dress you choose has long sleeves, a fishtail bottom, or a wide lilac velvet sash you’d usually loathe, but for whatever reason, loved. Sometimes things don’t go the way you originally thought, but that doesn’t mean it’s a failure.

Stick to your budget

If you have a specific budget in mind — stick to it! Don’t try on dresses outside your budget. If you find yourself with a receipt for a dress three times the price you originally budgeted for, don’t be surprised if you end up with wedding dress regret.

Remember what’s most important

While your dress is important, it’s not the most important aspect of the day. Without the love you and your partner hold, there would be no wedding and no need for a wedding dress in the first place. Once you realise your love takes precedence over your dress — congrats! You’re immune from wedding dress regret.

The wedding of your dreams

Pay for it yourselves

Believe it or not, it is possible to pay for your wedding entirely by yourselves. Starting with the Easy Weddings budget calculator, you can gauge how much you plan to spend per wedding category and make estimates on how much you’ll have to save.

Once you’ve got your numbers estimated and your budget created, you can set up a timeline of when certain vendor payments are due according to their contracts, and plan around that. From here you can forgo a few luxuries in your life (such as smashed avocado and fresh fruit juices), and save your pennies to go toward creating your dream wedding!

Budget budget budget

Your wedding budget is crucial if you’re struggling to scrape together funds for your wedding. It’ll help you decide what you are prepared to pay more money for, and what you’d rather forgo, leave out, or choose the cheaper alternative. Remember: weddings are flexible, and you don’t HAVE to include all traditional elements if you don’t want to.

For instance, some brides may pay more for their dream dress, but save money on their catering or wedding entertainment as they perhaps don’t deem it as important. Managing your budget as per category is a great way to stick to your estimated budget, and manage your savings.

Ask for help from relatives

It is not uncommon for couples to ask their relatives to assist in financing their wedding. Don’t feel embarrassed or guilty about this – this financial help is a prominent tradition in some cultures. And, if they’re willing to help, why not allow them?

Court house wedding

A great way to save money overall is to have a court house wedding. These wedding ceremonies are relatively inexpensive compared to other ceremony locations, and having your wedding here will allow more budget for other areas of your wedding (if that’s what you wish).

However, if the legal act of getting married is more important to you than hosting a wedding, you could perhaps have the court house ceremony and completely forgo the reception – which leads me to my final point…

Wait until you financially stable enough to have a wedding

A great way to fund your dream wedding is to wait until you’re actually financially stable enough to host the wedding of your dreams. Unfortunately, some couples in financial strife still go ahead with their wedding plans, and perhaps are left disappointed with the final result as they had to exclude certain things they’d always imagined would be in their perfect wedding.

There’s no rush! You could always get married at a low key court house wedding or even elope, and wait until you can afford to put on your dream wedding – frills and all!

Wedding dessert trends

The explosion of the dessert table. We have even encountered the odd donut wall and that’s not to mention countless candy stations. With imaginative ideas for dessert options becoming part of the norm, how do you create a truly unique sweet option at your wedding? We have been investigating the newest wedding trends for all things dessert. Check out the best of what’s new in wedding dessert trends.

Dainty treats

After a more is more approach to desserts we will see a return to simpler sweet things. Truffles, patisserie and all things dainty will take center stage. Expect lots of miniature versions of classic pastries and elegant bites to be nibbled at rather than gorged. Serve at a vintage or glamorous wedding with a side of champagne.

Geode cakes

If you haven’t seen these stunning wedding cakes yet, you need to. Imagine the earth splitting open to reveal precious crystals and gems. Then wrap this picture in an elegant cake. It sounds insane but the results are truly stunning. Ensure your cake is a scene stealer by being one of the first to this new trend and reflect crystals in your wider wedding theme.

Glitter donuts

Take your donut station up several levels by including glitter covered donuts at your wedding. These do exactly what they say on the tin, covering an average donut with lots of edible glitter. If you feel like your wedding needs to dial up the bling, this could be the answer. These are lots of fun and add an extra edge to your dessert table.

via pinkthetown

Succulent cakes

Cupcakes are such a wedding staple now that it’s hard to think how they could evolve further. Step in the succulent cake. This mind twisting cake looks just like a cactus or a succulent but is, in fact, a delicious cake. If that’s not enough to blow your mind, you can even find them complete with edible soil. Succulents have become a popular centrepiece and this is the perfect way to add an extra layer to this trend. Find some beautiful examples on Pinterest.

Stained glass cakes

If the geode cake is a little too much then why not consider a stunning stained glass cake? These utterly gorgeous cakes use complex icing techniques to mimic the beauty of a stained-glass window. You can find a huge range of designs or even commission a special design that reflects your relationship. This is the opposite of the popular naked cake and takes design detailing up to the next level.

Pie pops

There have been cake pops at weddings for a little while but now a new US rival is looking to sneak into the wedding scene. Pie pops scale down a classic dessert pie, adding the fun twist of a stick to this old-fashioned dessert. Serve as a fun alternative to a sit-down dessert or use as a wedding favour that doubles as a yummy snack.

The ins and outs of wedding veils

This classic headwear isn’t always part of their vision. It can feel formal and old fashioned – but it doesn’t have to be. If you are considering a veil there are lots of ways to go. To veil or not veil, that is the question. Let’s have a look over some veil considerations to help with your decision for your wedding day.

The history of veils

First, why are we even wearing veils at all? Where does this tradition come from and why are we still doing it? The veil actually dates way back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, where a bride would wear a veil to protect herself from those pesky evil spirits that occasionally chose to hang around the ancient wedding ceremony. In medieval times, it was viewed as a symbol of chastity, modesty and reverence and could be used (more worryingly) to disguise the bride’s face from a groom in an arranged marriage. The smart thinking behind this idea was that a groom couldn’t run off pre-ceremony if he didn’t like what he saw!

None of these ideas sit particularly with our modern concepts of marriage, but today the veil has simply become part of the wider tradition of a wedding day. A way to complement bridal attire and to sometimes preserve the superstition of the couple not seeing each other before the ceremony.

How to wear a veil

If you have decided that you are a veil kind of girl there are a whole range of ways to incorporate this into your wedding look. Here are just a handful of veil options for your day:

Cathedral veil

If you’re looking for a dramatic veil option this look could well be for you. The cathedral veil is longer than your dress, sweeping the floor behind you as you make your entrance. This veil is usually intricately decorated and can exceed 12 feet in length. This is a look you may want to switch up for the reception as it can be impractical to move around in outside of the ceremony.

Blusher veil

Short, sweet and with great vintage sensibilities, a blusher veil can still feel like a very modern take on the wedding look. Covering the face, it also adds real occasion to the ceremony and lets him have the lovely moment of raising back the veil off your face.

Shoulder length veil

This one does pretty much what it says on the tin, a shoulder length veil brushes or sits just above the shoulders. It feels a little lighter and more fun than longer, heavier designs and was a popular veil in the 1950’s and 60’s. This veil flows well with a tea length dress.

Veil alternatives

Still not sold on a veil? That’s fine too. Lots of brides are looking for different way to adorn their hair on the wedding day or simply going for a natural look. Flowers can be a lovely way to add a little hair drama whilst keeping things fresh and natural. Other looks can include tiaras, netted hats, feathers or hair chains. Look for a hair accessory that steals your heart and one that sits well with your overall look.