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A wedding videographer

For wedding videography

Videography captured what the photographer didn’t

One fellow bride weighed in on the discussion, admitting that she actually didn’t love her wedding photography as much as she previously assumed she would. However, she feels her videographer captured everything, including their happiness and joy on the day, that perhaps didn’t translate in still photography. The bride, suprisebride, says “It was easily the best money we spent.”

It’s worth every penny

Another bride under the handle ‘catskillsinjune’ described her absolute adoration for her wedding video. She believes the videocaptured so much life and energy of her day, and she’d watched their highlights video every day for the past month. “My sister still watches hers whenever she needs a pick me up 2 and a half years after her wedding!”

User ‘bluecutie00 shared that although she was originally on the fence about videography, she’s now booked her wedding videographer. To sway her decision, she created a poll. She says, “One of the poll responders mentioned how her wedding videocaptured the laughs, sounds, and smiles of people in her life that had since passed, and that was her last memory of them. That completely sealed the deal for me.”

Against wedding videography

We’ll never watch it

A user named ‘minimeow’ says she and her partner didn’t get one, and there weren’t any regrets about it. They themselves knew they wouldn’t watch the video enough for it to be worth the price, and therefore saw no point in budgeting for it. She admits that they have yet to do anything with their wedding photography also, so perhaps it just depends on whether photography or film of your day is something you put a large emphasis on for your wedding day.

I’m more of a photo person

User ‘raspberrybidet’ says she rarely watches videos of past life events, and her partner felt the same. “I’m much more of a photoperson than a video person,” she says. “I decided to spend more on an awesome photographer and forego hiring and videographer.”

We here at Easy Weddings believe there’s place for both wedding photography AND videography. While photography stills are great to hang on your wall for years to come, videography allows couples to travel back in time, so to say, to relive their wedding. The happiness, the excitement, the nervousness, the tears, the love – everything is captured on film. Sometimes that kind of emotion just doesn’t translate through still photography.

I’ll admit I’ve cried like a baby watching wedding videography of a couple I didn’t even know.

However, it really does depend on their couple and their wedding budget. Nobody HAS to have a videographer capture their wedding – it really is down to personal preference.

Transport wedding guests from ceremony to Reception

Car pool

If you leave it up to them, your guests will drive themselves from the wedding ceremony to the reception. If you allow them to take this option, you have to be ready for certain guests abstaining from consuming alcohol, as they have volunteered to get everyone home safely afterwards. This may impact the general party buzz at your wedding, if most guests are refraining from really letting loose and having a great time.

Additionally, if your guests are driving themselves to your ceremony AND reception, there might be a bit of fumbling around with car parking. For instance, your guests with cars will have to find and (possibly) pay to park their car, and this might see guests arrive late (because they’ve been searching for parking) and leave early to avoid receiving a parking fine.

And finally, if your guests have children that have been left at home with a babysitter, you have to be prepared for certain guests leaving your reception early in order to drive the hour home and take over from the babysitter at a respectable time. This ‘respectable time’ may be a lot earlier than you originally hoped they’d stay until

Party bus

Hiring a party bus is a great way to get your guests to your guests from your ceremony to your reception in a timely and organised fashion. This is especially good for those party people willing to let a little loose on your big day, and being in an enclosed environment for the travel duration will allow your guests to mingle and get your party started – even if you’re not with them!

Even those who are not drinking can benefit from a party bus or group transfer, as they can leave their car in one parking spot for the entire day/night (if the parking limitations allow it), and not worry about finding parking at the reception. Then, at the end of the night, the party bus can return your guests to an agreed upon location, which will also make taxi transfers home cheaper than they’d be from the winery region!

Arrange taxis

This option probably works best for end-of-the-night transfers home. Instead of allowing your guests to order and wait for taxis after your wedding, arrange a fleet of taxis to arrive at your reception venue as your wedding comes to an end. You don’t necessarily have to pay for their travel home – just give them an easy transport option right in front of them

Guide to wedding day perfume

So where to begin? The first consideration is whether you will wear a scent you already have, or choose something new. There is something to be said for being the most you you can possibly be on your wedding day, and presumably if you love a perfume enough to wear it regularly, and your partner fell in love with you wearing it, it’ll certainly do the job. But – if you wear something new it will be uniquely tied to the special day for both you and your spouse, so that’s what we suggest. Pull it out on special occasions, date nights, or anytime you need a pick-me-up, and be transported back


Your next consideration is where and when are you being wed? If it’s a barefoot summer affair on the beach; white florals, marine notes, or something citrus will match the carefree and casual tone of the day. If it’s a winter or autumn wedding with a black-tie ballroom reception, choose something sophisticated with warm, spicy, or aldehyde-ey accords. (Aldehydes are the ingredient that made Chanel’s No.5 so revolutionary way back when)

Perfume families and types

A helpful question to ask yourself is what family of perfumes do you usually like; and investigate other scents that fall into that. No idea? Essentially perfumes fall into six ‘families’ or groups: floral, woody, oriental and fresh, and then there’s ‘fougère’ and ‘chypre’ which are more complex and entail a combination of elements from the first four.

Another approach is to look up the top, middle, and base notes of your favourites, and look out for them in descriptions when you’re shopping around. Words like: rose, gardenia, vetiver, bergamot, tonka bean, amber etc. The type of perfume denotes its strength, which will impact how intense it smells, and how long it lasts. Eau de Toilette is the common everyday strength most people would apply a couple of times a day. Eau de Parfum is stronger, and would last longer on one application

Complement, not compete

You also don’t want to choose something that will mix in unpleasant ways with other aromas from your environment. You should absolutely take into account if your bouquet is a riot of roses, or if you’re walking down an isle lined with lavender bushes. You want to complement, not compete with the shrubbery

Try before you buy

One thing that’s a must: no matter how much you are enjoying the natty little cards they give you, you must try it on your skin, and give it some time. Everybody has different chemistry and skin ph, so scents can smell remarkably different on different bodies. This is a good thing if you and your BFF are equally in love with one, but quite bad if, for example, you buy an enormous bottle online of what turns out to be very expensive pickle juice.

Another tip is to know your limit; it varies person to person but after about 8 they all end up smelling the same. Take a break, get some fresh air, have a coffee (coffee beans can reset) and then revisit.

Finally, if you are an advanced perfume connoisseur or simply cannot find what you want, consider customising or going bespoke. An easy way to do this is to layer two separate perfumes. To do this, you want to be either reasonably confident you know what you’re doing or stick to simpler, more straightforward scents from the same family, for example florals. Some brands lend themselves to doing this more than others, for example, Jo Malone has a huge library of simple, natural and familiar (yet still lovely and elegant) scents that can be combined quite easily with good results.

Cater for all dietary requirements at your wedding

The easiest way to find out if your guests have particular dietary requirements is to include a special box on your invitation. Using this box, your guest can indicate if they require some special attention when it comes to food, so they aren’t left hungry, disgruntled, and wanting to leave early to get something to eat.

Here’s how to cater for all dietary requirements at your wedding.


If you aren’t 100% sure someone on your guest list will be pregnant on your special day, you need not provide for pregnant women. However, if you KNOW beforehand that a few pregnant women will be in attendance, it’s a nice gesture to cater for their specific needs.

A good way to start is to let your caterer know that pregnant women will be attending. Pregnant women themselves should already know what to avoid, so the caterer’s job is to just provide clearly labelled options that they CAN eat, so they don’t go hungry and leave your reception early.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should offer non-alcoholic drinks to toast with, as pregnant women cannot drink alcohol while carrying. This means that they can still be involved in the wedding toast, but can avoid drinking or appearing to drink alcohol.


Vegetarians are easy to cater for. When it comes to catering, couples often choose a few different options for their guests – and this usually includes a vegetarian option. There are so many delicious vegetarian options on offer, so catering for your vegetarian friends is probably the simplest of dietary requirements you could deal with.


Guests with a vegan diet will usually know what they can and can’t eat at your wedding, but you should probably have something vegan on offer anyway so they don’t go hungry. If you’re having a seated soiree with alternate menu plate drops, ensure your caterer knows where your vegan friends are seated, and perhaps together you can organise a vegan meal especially for them. If you’re going with buffet catering, you can ask your caterers to include vegan options and display a label beside the food, showing your vegan friends that there’s something they can eat.

Religious choices

Some of your guests may have religious reasons behind their dietary requirements, so it’s worth discussing with your caterer what options are ‘safe’ for everyone. The last thing you want is to offend or upset one of your guests.

Gluten allergies

If you have guests who are allergic to gluten, you will have to flag this with your caterer. It isn’t enough to assume something has no gluten in it as sauces, hidden ingredients, and traces of gluten can set off people with gluten allergies. To ensure your guest doesn’t go hungry, make sure your caterer is fully aware of their requirements and where they’re seated at your reception.

Additionally, as most wedding cakes contain gluten, you may want to have fruit on offer as a side. Alternatively, you can choose to have multiple smaller cakes including a gluten free option (and a vegan option if you have vegan guests). This way, nobody misses out on dessert!