Wedding dress regret

what is wedding dress regret?

Symptoms of wedding dress regret include but are not limited to; heart palpitations and feelings of disappointment, refusing to discuss the topic, constantly finding yourself in the same room as the dress but always refusing to try it on, and frantically Googling wedding dress regret symptoms. You’re not alone — wedding dress regret is common among brides. Here’s how to avoid it.

Lower your expectations

Too often brides have their head in the clouds when it comes to wedding dresses. Obviously, we all want a glittering disco ball of a dress, that shoots fireworks at the groom and releases a puff of Chanel perfume automatically on an hourly timer — but does this dress even exist? For pyromaniacs, maybe. But in regular wedding gown boutiques, probably not. Don’t be disappointed if the dresses you try on are just that — a dress.

Be open to other design options

You’ve been dreaming of a princess dress since childhood, but when it’s on your body in the boutique dressing room it just doesn’t… work. This is okay. It’s

Wedding dessert trends

The explosion of the dessert table. We have even encountered the odd donut wall and that’s not to mention countless candy stations. With imaginative ideas for dessert options becoming part of the norm, how do you create a truly unique sweet option at your wedding? We have been investigating the newest wedding trends for all things dessert. Check out the best of what’s new in wedding dessert trends.

Dainty treats

After a more is more approach to desserts we will see a return to simpler sweet things. Truffles, patisserie and all things dainty will take center stage. Expect lots of miniature versions of classic pastries and elegant bites to be nibbled at rather than gorged. Serve at a vintage or glamorous wedding with a side of champagne.

Geode cakes

If you haven’t seen these stunning wedding cakes yet, you need to. Imagine the earth splitting open to reveal precious crystals and gems. Then wrap this picture in an elegant cake. It sounds insane but the results are truly stunning. Ensure your cake is a scene stealer by being

A wedding videographer

For wedding videography

Videography captured what the photographer didn’t

One fellow bride weighed in on the discussion, admitting that she actually didn’t love her wedding photography as much as she previously assumed she would. However, she feels her videographer captured everything, including their happiness and joy on the day, that perhaps didn’t translate in still photography. The bride, suprisebride, says “It was easily the best money we spent.”

It’s worth every penny

Another bride under the handle ‘catskillsinjune’ described her absolute adoration for her wedding video. She believes the videocaptured so much life and energy of her day, and she’d watched their highlights video every day for the past month. “My sister still watches hers whenever she needs a pick me up 2 and a half years after her wedding!”

User ‘bluecutie00 shared that although she was originally on the fence about videography, she’s now booked her wedding videographer. To sway her decision, she created a poll. She says, “One of the poll responders mentioned how her wedding videocaptured the laughs, sounds, and smiles of people in her life that

The wedding of your dreams

Pay for it yourselves

Believe it or not, it is possible to pay for your wedding entirely by yourselves. Starting with the Easy Weddings budget calculator, you can gauge how much you plan to spend per wedding category and make estimates on how much you’ll have to save.

Once you’ve got your numbers estimated and your budget created, you can set up a timeline of when certain vendor payments are due according to their contracts, and plan around that. From here you can forgo a few luxuries in your life (such as smashed avocado and fresh fruit juices), and save your pennies to go toward creating your dream wedding!

Budget budget budget

Your wedding budget is crucial if you’re struggling to scrape together funds for your wedding. It’ll help you decide what you are prepared to pay more money for, and what you’d rather forgo, leave out, or choose the cheaper alternative. Remember: weddings are flexible, and you don’t HAVE to include all traditional elements if you don’t want to.

For instance, some brides may pay more for their dream dress, but save money on their catering or wedding entertainment as they perhaps don’t deem it as important. Managing

The ins and outs of wedding veils

This classic headwear isn’t always part of their vision. It can feel formal and old fashioned – but it doesn’t have to be. If you are considering a veil there are lots of ways to go. To veil or not veil, that is the question. Let’s have a look over some veil considerations to help with your decision for your wedding day.

The history of veils

First, why are we even wearing veils at all? Where does this tradition come from and why are we still doing it? The veil actually dates way back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, where a bride would wear a veil to protect herself from those pesky evil spirits that occasionally chose to hang around the ancient wedding ceremony. In medieval times, it was viewed as a symbol of chastity, modesty and reverence and could be used (more worryingly) to disguise the bride’s face from a groom in an arranged marriage. The smart thinking behind this idea was that a groom couldn’t run off pre-ceremony if he didn’t like what he saw!

None of these ideas sit particularly with our modern concepts of marriage, but today the veil has simply

Wedding gift ideas

Personalised cushion

You can personalise anything these days. Personalised glassware is common for bridal parties, a personalised hipflask may have been a gift for the groom from his bucks and the bride may have prepared for her big day in a personalised robe.

But what about a personalised cushion for the newlyweds? You can get styles that include their silhouettes, a photo from the wedding day, or even a cute message with their wedding date embroidered or printed onto it. It will be a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

A piece of art

If there is a bare wall in the couple’s home that has been driving you crazy, seek out a piece of art that reflects the style of their home and the personalities of the couple. It will become a talking point for their many guests.

If they are yet to move in together, a piece of art will provide something special for a new home.


There is something truly captivating about dancing flames and whether the couple are outdoor entertainers or prefer to stay cozy inside with guests, you can give them the gift of fire!

An outdoor fire

Proposals at other people’s weddings

We’ve done really well for ourselves and finally reached a point where we could afford a huge blowout wedding to celebrate our lives with everyone we know and love.

My husband’s best friend, “John,” was the best man/officiant. The setting was beautiful, everyone seemed happy, our families were overjoyed. My mom may have used the phrase hallelujah a few dozen times.

The entire atmosphere felt moving. So moving in fact that John stopped mid-ceremony to propose to his longtime girlfriend, “Jane,” and reveal her pregnancy.

I couldn’t even hear the vows my husband wrote or the rest of the ceremony over the noise of Jane’s happy sobs, her very surprised family who were also guests, and people seated nearby congratulating her.

Even the videographer cut to her frequently during the ceremony, and you can’t hear anything over the chatter. When John gave his toast, he apologized for being caught up in the moment and then proceeded to talk about his and Jane’s future with nary a mention of us.

During the reception, John and Jane became the primary focus of our guests. John even went out of his way to ask the band for a special dance for just

Budget to Plan your wedding

The Easy Weddings To Do List shows you step by step everything you have to do from the moment you begin planning til your actual wedding day and beyond.

For instance, the To Do List will prompt you to book and confirm vendors, pick up wedding attire, and arrange your wedding party speeches and formalities depending on where you’re at with your wedding planning.

The To Do List begins at 12 to 18 months before the wedding, and ends after the wedding, ensuring all vendors are paid in full, all formal wear is returned, and you’re well on your way to sending out thank you cards to guests and jetting off on your honeymoon.(Check out our fantastic honeymoon packages here!)

The great thing about the To Do List is you can customise it to fit your wedding. Not having a videographer? No worries – just delete the prompt from your list.

Budget Calculator

The Easy Weddings Budget Calculator will become your best friend during wedding planning. Easy Weddings has based the calculator’s functionality on years of data in the wedding industry, so you can use this tool whether you’re budgeting for £10,000 or

Survive a summer wedding

You might not run the same risk of rain that a winter wedding would, but that doesn’t mean the weather will be pleasant all round. Since you DO live in the UK, this might never be an issue. However, if you are hosting your wedding in a country that actually gets sun in the summer, here’s what you need to survive a (hot) summer wedding.

“I swear I looked better this morning.”


I don’t know about you, but when I’ve had the “pleasure” of sitting outside on a 35℃ day, my upper lip sweats LIKE CRAZY. Mix the heat with your nerves, and not only will you have a sweaty upper lip, but also your temples, underarms, and the back of your neck. Wipe that sh*t up!

Extra makeup

With all that sweating, you might actually sweat your face makeup off. Bring extra makeup in an emergency kit to touch up if need to.


There’s a high chance of dehydration on your wedding day. Why? Because you’ll probably have been drinking champagne since 6am, barely eaten anything, and the heat is drying you up like a pickle left out in the

Transport wedding guests from ceremony to Reception

Car pool

If you leave it up to them, your guests will drive themselves from the wedding ceremony to the reception. If you allow them to take this option, you have to be ready for certain guests abstaining from consuming alcohol, as they have volunteered to get everyone home safely afterwards. This may impact the general party buzz at your wedding, if most guests are refraining from really letting loose and having a great time.

Additionally, if your guests are driving themselves to your ceremony AND reception, there might be a bit of fumbling around with car parking. For instance, your guests with cars will have to find and (possibly) pay to park their car, and this might see guests arrive late (because they’ve been searching for parking) and leave early to avoid receiving a parking fine.

And finally, if your guests have children that have been left at home with a babysitter, you have to be prepared for certain guests leaving your reception early in order to drive the hour home and take over from the babysitter at a respectable time. This ‘respectable time’ may be a lot earlier than you originally hoped they’d stay until

Guide to wedding day perfume

So where to begin? The first consideration is whether you will wear a scent you already have, or choose something new. There is something to be said for being the most you you can possibly be on your wedding day, and presumably if you love a perfume enough to wear it regularly, and your partner fell in love with you wearing it, it’ll certainly do the job. But – if you wear something new it will be uniquely tied to the special day for both you and your spouse, so that’s what we suggest. Pull it out on special occasions, date nights, or anytime you need a pick-me-up, and be transported back


Your next consideration is where and when are you being wed? If it’s a barefoot summer affair on the beach; white florals, marine notes, or something citrus will match the carefree and casual tone of the day. If it’s a winter or autumn wedding with a black-tie ballroom reception, choose something sophisticated with warm, spicy, or aldehyde-ey accords. (Aldehydes are the ingredient that made Chanel’s No.5 so revolutionary way back when)

Perfume families and types

A helpful question to ask yourself is what

Cater for all dietary requirements at your wedding

The easiest way to find out if your guests have particular dietary requirements is to include a special box on your invitation. Using this box, your guest can indicate if they require some special attention when it comes to food, so they aren’t left hungry, disgruntled, and wanting to leave early to get something to eat.

Here’s how to cater for all dietary requirements at your wedding.


If you aren’t 100% sure someone on your guest list will be pregnant on your special day, you need not provide for pregnant women. However, if you KNOW beforehand that a few pregnant women will be in attendance, it’s a nice gesture to cater for their specific needs.

A good way to start is to let your caterer know that pregnant women will be attending. Pregnant women themselves should already know what to avoid, so the caterer’s job is to just provide clearly labelled options that they CAN eat, so they don’t go hungry and leave your reception early.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should offer non-alcoholic drinks to toast with, as pregnant women cannot drink alcohol while carrying. This means that they can still be involved in the wedding toast, but can avoid drinking or

Wedding checklist


It seems very obvious, but you might have purchased and agonised over which beautiful lacy number to treat yourself to for your wedding day… only to forget it and leave it at home when you leave the day before the wedding day. To help you remember, perhaps store it in a bag on the hanger your dress is on, next to your shoes.


Too many groomsmen (and grooms) have forgotten to pack their nice socks and ended up with the wrong socks peeking out of their suit pants.


Try to write some vows prior to the night before, and then make sure you make a couple of copies of them, just in case. This is one speech you won’t want to forget.

Knife for the cake

This happens so often! You get to the time when the cake needs to be cut and three people run off in all directions to get a knife from the kitchen.

If you have some fancy wedding day toasting flutes that someone has gifted you or you ordered

Designated driver

Make sure you have a way

Kids weddings

The non-compliant bridal party members

It is cute when a young flower girl doesn’t quite remember her role and tips the whole basket of flowers into a pile before running off for mummy. That is a memory guests will have forever.

But what about the flower girl who got so bored standing up the front of the room alongside the bridesmaids in a church and started to kick the wooden step behind her? The outcome was that no one could hear what the celebrant was saying over the thumping echoing throughout the church. Good-bye emotional vow exchange!

Ceremony tears

You might expect to shed a tear of joy as emotion overtakes you while watching a friend or family member ties the knot. But when kids do it, it’s usually because they are tired, bored, or hungry (or all of the above).

And it’s loud. Impossibly loud.

There have been ceremonies where a child has thrown a gigantic tantrum and cannot be consoled, or an infant who won’t stop crying. Both are atmosphere-killers.

Not the cake!

Placing children in a room with a beautifully decorated tiered cake is like putting a brand new toy in view and

How to boost your wedding savings

Clothes shopping

Ouch! Did you say no more trips to the mall?! Sometimes steering clear of it altogether is easier than trying to battle the temptation to get that £10 blouse that is on sale when you go “window shopping.”

If your work pants are tired out to the point of no return and you don’t have any back-up pairs to dust off from the back of your closet, by all means get a new pair. But don’t spend another $80 on your fifth pair of work pants just because they are on sale.

Be strong, we know you can do it!

Ditch your old stuff on Facebook or eBay

While dusting off that pair of work pants that had retreated to the nether regions of your closet, you may have also noticed some other garments that haven’t seen the light of day for a few years.

When you are saving up for a wedding, it is the perfect time to seek a new home for these clothes… and some extra cash for your coffers.

Give them a good wash and present them nicely, take a snap, and get those babies up

Exchange on your wedding day

Often tradition that the marrying couple exchange gifts on their wedding day. While some couples buck this tradition citing “My presence is his present”, other couples want to give that extra something special on their wedding day to let their partner know they’re thinking about them. So what should you gift each other on your wedding day?

When should you exchange gifts?

A great way to exchange gifts is to arrange a bridesmaid or groomsman to pass the gift on to open while everyone gets ready. This is assuming you’re getting ready in separate places, as most couples do.

If you’re having a ‘first look’ perhaps you can exchange your gifts during those few moments alone before your ceremony.

Some couples wait until after their wedding to give their gifts, as it can be incredibly romantic to exchange them when you’re finally alone as a married couple.

And, if like some couples you’re planning on giving something during your honeymoon, you might want to make sure your partner knows you haven’t forgotten about them!

Types of gifts


If your style is more sentimental than materialistic (and if you are

Wedding send off ideas for awesome photographs


An evening celebration with sparklers

Whether the night is young, or you are saying farewell after an evening of partying with your friends and family, sparklers are one of the best night time props that photographers (and your guests) can play with.


Whether it is rice, paper, glitter, or a mix of them all, confetti looks so stunning in photography when a couple is walking through a waterfall of it.

Ribbon wands

Ribbon wand

You can’t help but twirl a ribbon wand when it is placed in your hand, so guests will be naturals at this one – and you won’t have any of the mess to clean up! You can use colours that match your bridal party, or go every colour of the rainbow for a truly vibrant photo opportunity.


Guests of all ages will be enchanted by bubbles, and let’s face it, everyone loves a chance to get stuck in and blow some on the newlyweds! Because bubbles create beautiful colours when they catch the light just right, they come up stellar in your wedding photos.

Tips for writing your wedding

Take some time to think

It’s a rare gift for someone to be able to sit down and pour their heart out and nail the perfect letter on the first attempt, so don’t set that as an expectation for yourself. Giving yourself time to reflect on your relationship can really help to give you clarity on what it is about your fiancé that made you fall in love with them, what their best qualities are, and how you have made the perfect team.

Write down notes

When you think of the perfect memory, or the buzzword that has been eluding you springs into your mind, write it down. Keep all of these thoughts in a notebook or a safe place squirrelled away on your phone, so you can whip them out easily when the time comes to start constructing your letter.

Make it personal

Throw generic out the window! Use the memories you have created together, the quirky things your partner does, and the shared experiences you have to really tailor this letter to them. This is the ideal forum for inside jokes and pet names!

Go digital first

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Catching you up on the industry lingo to help you define what you want. Photography allows you to see the world through someone else’s eyes, and wit

So if you are searching for general wedding ideas

Pull of a surprise wedding

When you look at all of the planning that goes into a wedding, you could actually save a lot of time and money by combining it with another event, like an engagement party, anniversary or even a milestone birthday party.

Rebecca and Leigh decided to get married at their engagement party to save the stress of also planning a wedding.

The couple only told a select few people of their plans, so the majority of their 130 guests had no idea what was in store.

“Leading up, everyone had their suspicions and occasionally people would ask or imply we were going to get married. Deny, deny, deny!” Rebecca says.

“There were a few wardrobe changes to pull off the surprise but it all went off without a hitch.”

Here are some tips to help you pull off a surprise wedding that will delight your guests.

Create a Cover Event

To ensure a great turnout, you’ll need to dream up a creative decoy. If your family is already getting together for a planned holiday, you could seize the moment to plan something on location or if you have a 30th or another milestone birthday, you could plan the wedding a week before or after and claim it is